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ATF Agent Keaton is a supporting character in the FX series Justified second season episode "Blaze of Glory" and the third season episode "Loose Ends". Keaton is a bomb technician who works for the ATF. Keaton is portrayed by guest star Conor O'Farrell.

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Keaton is a bomb technician who works for the ATF.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

In "Loose Ends", Keaton is called over to Lemuel Becket's place by Tom Bergen after Tanner Dodd turns himself in while he is standing on top of a land mine. Keaton acknowledges that Becket knows more about explosives than most of his men in the ATF. Keaton announces to Dodd that it may take hours to defuse the bomb, much to Dodd's disgust and impatience. However, Keaton doesn't get a chance to defuse the bomb because Dodd's gun accidentally slips out of his hand, causing the bomb to arm itself due to the shift in weight.

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season two appearances
The Moonshine War The Life Inside The I of the Storm For Blood or Money Cottonmouth
Blaze of Glory Save My Love The Spoil Brother's Keeper Debts and Accounts
Full Commitment Reckoning Bloody Harlan
Season three appearances
The Gunfighter Cut Ties Harlan Roulette The Devil You Know Thick as Mud
When the Guns Come Out The Man Behind The Curtain Watching the Detectives Loose Ends Guy Walks Into a Bar
Measures Coalition Slaughterhouse
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