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Agent Frankel
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Stefan Marks

Agent Frankel, played by guest star Stefan Marks, was the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Field Office in Lexington, Kentucky.



Frankel is an FBI Agent whose investigations often parallel the Marshals from time to time, often offering either criticism or minor help.

Season 1[]

In "The Collection", Frankel first appears outside the home of Owen Carnes readying an FBI SWAT team to break down the door. Frankel is just about to give the order to break the door when US Marshals Raylan Givens, Art Mullen, Rachel Brooks, and Tim Gutterson appear and warn him that he is going to have to pay them back if he breaks the door since the Marshals own it now. Suddenly Caryn Carnes opens the door and Frankel tells her they are there to serve an arrest warrant for her husband and she lets them in. He asks her where her husband is and she tells them he is in the den and directs his agents to go in and find his dead body. Back at the Marshals office Frankel is chewing out the IRS over the "suicide" while Raylan tries to explain why it could not be a suicide but ignores him. David Vasquez then gets Frankel's attention and tells him to listen to Raylan about the homicide angle. Raylan explains that the gun in his hand is weird considering that once someone kills themselves they're "puppets without a string" and that the gun is usually found around him but never in his hand. Frankel however doesn't care however since his criminal case is over and no one will care if Owen was killed and has his team head back to headquarters.

Season 2[]

In "Blaze of Glory", he is seen in the Marshal's office interrogating Jenny Reasoner after her husband and two accomplices rob a bank. He grows increasingly annoyed that the wife didn't see this coming and only the intervention of Art and Raylan are they able to get any useful information out of her. He is later seen listening to the video chat between Frank and Penny and later between Art and Frank.

In "Full Commitment", he shows up investigating the two men sent to kill Raylan and Winona. He questions Raylan about them and Raylan responds by saying he's never seen them before. Frankel then explains that they were both in the United States Army and that after they left they became mercenaries. Frankel then theorizes that they were hired by someone with a grudge against Raylan (which is a long list).


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