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Boyd Crowder is a career criminal from Harlan County, Kentucky. He begins the series as a bank-robbing white supremacist. He is shot, goes to jail, finds religion, and emerges as a born again messiah. He seems to be a truly redeemed man after prison. He is opposed to his father's involvement in narcotics, and gathers a group of followers he calls his "flock." His clashes with his father result in the massacre of his followers, and he again re-evaluates his life. He returns to working as a coal miner, and moves in with his former sister-in-law Ava Crowder. She threatens to kick him out when he returns to his criminal ways, and is involved in a heist at the mine. He agrees to leave, and she relents, having fallen in love with him. The two begin a relationship. When he re-emerges as a criminal, he seems less malicious.

As a teenager he worked in the coal mines with Raylan Givens. Raylan is now a Deputy US Marshal and often clashes with Boyd. He has saved Raylan's life a few times, but is so morally grey that Raylan cannot trust him. This makes him one of Raylan's best friends, but also one of his most often recurring enemies. Crowder is played by starring cast member Walton Goggins, who is credited as a special guest star in his sole appearance in Justified: City Primeval.



Boyd Crowder was born and raised in the rural backwaters of Harlan County, Kentucky. Raised by his father Bo Crowder, and his mother, who is not named, though Boyd says that she was a redhead. Boyd is the oldest of Bo's two sons - the other son being Bowman Crowder.

Coming from a long line of criminals and militant family members, Boyd saw much of the inner workings of Kentucky's criminal world. It is through his father, Bo Crowder, that he would be introduced to his future long time friend/nemesis Raylan Givens, whose own father was an associate of the elder Crowder.

Boyd and Raylan's friendship would grow over the course of their young adult life, both working in the coal mines at the age of 19. After Raylan left Kentucky, Boyd also tried to leave behind his past by joining the Army. After serving a tour in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm, Boyd returned to Harlan.

After a few years Boyd started to no longer pay his taxes, claiming that he was a sovereign citizen, which would land him to serve time in a Federal Correctional Facility. Once there he immediately got involved with many white supremacy and anti-government militia groups. After being released from prison, Boyd began his criminal career, mostly using his neo-nazi ideals as a ploy to attract followers to commit bank robberies all the way up to the start of the pilot episode of Season 1.

Boyd has multiple tattoos though they aren't always visible in the show even when they ought to be. He has barbed wire around both of his forearms, a swastika on his left shoulder/upper arm, a scorpion on his left shoulder blade, JC on his chest above the bullet wound and SKIN on his right knuckles. It appears there is nothing on his left knuckles.

At one point in season 5 Boyd mentions being a smoker a long time ago.

Season 1[]

When the show begins, Boyd is taking a new member of his Nazi militia out for a drive, when he decides to blow up a mostly African-American church whose pastor grows and sells pot. Afterwards, he kills the new member on the suspicion that he's a federal informant, and because he "didn't like him much." The next day, he sees Raylan for the first time in years, and threatens to come looking for him if he doesn't leave Harlan in twenty-four hours. The night after that, he holds Ava at gunpoint in her house, knowing a call from her will bring Raylan running. When Raylan gets there, they talk for awhile before Ava comes into the dining room armed. Knowing Boyd will shoot to stop her, Raylan shoots him as he goes for his weapon, and the episode ends with the ambulances driving him away.

Raylan visits Boyd in the hospital, only to find that Boyd is now claiming to be born again. It is left ambiguous about whether he is serious or not. He often preaches to Raylan when the latter visits hoping for information. After Ava is compromised as a witness in his holding her at gunpoint, Boyd is released from prison, and decides to put his criminal skills to good use by forming a Christian militia to disrupt the meth trade in Harlan, much to the chagrin of his father, Bo, the kingpin of meth in Harlan. One of their first missions is to destroy a meth lab that one of the militia members used to work at. Boyd warns them to stop cooking meth, but when they don't listen, he comes back at night with the militia, drags the cookers out of the lab, and throws a molotov cocktail at it. It is only after it explodes that he finds out another of the cookers had still been inside, and he is visibly shaken from killing him.

Later, the Marshals bring him and his militia in for questioning, but Boyd quotes a bible verse that is a command for them to stay silent. After getting nothing from the group, Raylan picks up Dewey Crowe, an old member of Boyd's nazi gang, and coerces him into telling who directed the militia towards the meth lab. However, Dewey returns and tells the militia that the Marshals know, and they hide that member by burying him in their weapons box with a hose to breathe through. When the Marshalls leave, Boyd asks that member to turn himself in for the meth lab's destruction, making the Marshals unable to pursue him any longer.

While Boyd maintains that he is not affiliating the militia with his father's business, he still accepts the cash Bo gives him after the destruction of the meth lab, the cookers from which had earlier refused to pay Bo for protection. Boyd later makes a deal with his cousin Johnny, Bo's business partner, for the route of a truck bringing drugs from Miami to Harlan. Boyd then uses the money from his father to buy an RPG, which he uses to blow up the truck. However, he allows the drivers to walk away, believing they will run.

He is soon proved wrong when the drivers tell Bo that the man who blew up the truck yelled "fire in the hole" first. Knowing it was Boyd, Bo goes to his son's camp with his own men and tells him to leave Harlan county, or he'll start shooting members of the militia. To save them, Boyd leaves, but hears gunshots from the direction of the camp and returns to find them all dead, hanging from trees. He is visibly traumatized by the scene, and becomes unsure of what to do. After asking for God's guidance he decides to find Raylan.

Boyd finds Raylan in his hotel room, the latter having just killed two of Bo's men sent to pick him up. Raylan gets a call from Bo, saying to come to his cabin or he'll kill Ava. Boyd, wanting to avenge the deaths of his men, accompanies Raylan as backup. He sneaks in the back door of the cabin, and shoots the man in side with Ava, providing a distraction for Raylan to disarm Bo and kill one of his men. However, he then holds both Bo and Raylan at gunpoint, saying he wants his father to pay for the deaths of his men. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by a sniper who kills Bo, wounds Boyd, and sends Boyd and Raylan retreating into the cabin. The sniper is one of the Miami cartel men that arrived with the Gio's trusted drivers. Raylan kills two of the cartel men and offers to negotiate with the drivers of the truck Boyd blew up, who are also the niece and nephew of Bo's drug associate in Miami. Boyd saves Raylan's life when he shoots the nephew with the sniper rifle. After the niece escapes, Boyd stops Raylan and drives after her, saying Raylan won't stop him because he is the only friend left he has left in this world.

Season 2[]

In Season 2, Boyd begins as a coal miner and slowly becomes involved in the seedy world of crime once more. After turning a would-be betrayal by three of his mining co-workers into a successful heist, Boyd is recruited by a coal company to protect their interests. Soon, his confusion meets with his rage and Boyd begins acting on his criminality again. In the end (and skipping lots of detail), Boyd ends up redeeming himself by saving Raylan's life and having Raylan in turn save Ava's.

Season 3[]

At the beginning of the Season 3 premiere, "The Gunfighter", Boyd is in the Marshall's office having a conversation with Raylan. Raylan suspects Boyd of stealing all of Mags Bennett's marijuana after her death (which later turns out to be true). Boyd, however, denies this and then manages to turn the conversation around. Boyd becomes enraged and asks Raylan for an apology for not keeping to his word about bringing Dickie Bennett back to him after he used Dickie to help get to Loretta McCready. Raylan informs him that he is a Deputy US Marshall, and that he isn't going to return someone to Boyd just so he can kill them. A fight then ensues between the two, and Raylan ends up being tackled through a window by Boyd. An angry Boyd is then pulled off Raylan and escorted out of the Marshall's office. Once again, Boyd lands himself back in prison where he is visited by Ava, who informs him that Rodney did not buy the weed because it was rotten. Boyd tells her that she needs to burn the weed because it isn't any good. Boyd's final appearance in this episode is at the end when he is escorted by a prison guard to his cell. Boyd turns to look at a frightened Dickie and Dewey Crowe, who watch him as he passes. Boyd puts his pillow and clothes onto his cot and watches as the cell door closes.

In the next episode, "Cut Ties", it is made clear that the fight between Raylan and Boyd was only a ruse so that Boyd could be sent to prison to find Dickie. Boyd attempts to assault Dickie during lunch but Russell interrupts him, saying that he has a visitor. Raylan reveals to Boyd that he amended his original statement and that Boyd could be released from prison as early as the next morning, much to Boyd's chagrin. Boyd pleads to Raylan, but to no avail. Later, Boyd finds out from Dewey that Dickie had now been moved into solitary confinement, to which Boyd immediately suspects by Raylan. Boyd manages to bribe a guard while in prison named Ash Murphy, and goes over to where a bunch of African-American inmates are bench pressing. Boyd then reveals his Nazi tattoo to the group, which provokes a fight. Boyd ends up being treated by a prison medic named Lance, and refuses help, ending up in solitary confinement in the cell next to Dickie. Later, Boyd swings over the cell door to Dickie's room, and pins him against the wall with a razorblade to Dickie's neck. Boyd demands to know what happened to Mags's stashed money, to which Dickie reveals that it was held by an associate of the family named Ellstin Limehouse to which he owed Mags some kind of debt. Dickie tells Boyd that Limehouse will not let anyone have the money besides Dickie, so if he dies, the money goes with him. The next day, Boyd is released and Ava asks if he found out where the money is. Boyd reveals that he did, but getting the money isn't going to be easy since Limehouse has it.

Boyd attempts to get the money from Limehouse in "Harlan Roulette", but to no avail (Even trying to strike a deal with Limehouse, that if Dickie isn't in the picture, the money can be split between the two). Limehouse instead informs Boyd that he will buy all of Boyd's weed, which angers Boyd. Boyd excuses Arlo from getting "one of these" due to his age, and Boyd punches Devil in the face for not burning the weed as instructed by Ava. Soon, Boyd reveals his plan to Devil, Ava, and Arlo that he wants to take back Johnny's old bar since it rightfully belonged to the Crowders. The bar is now being run by Buck Mulligan. Boyd begins to rip down the Christmas lights from the ceiling, prompting Buck to pull out a baseball bat, but Devil is holding a gun at him. Boyd reveals to the man who he is, and that the bar used to belong to Johnny, but Buck claims that he got the bar fair and square. Boyd asks if Buck has ever been shot shot, and Boyd tells Buck that he and Johnny were both shot, and while Johnny was recovering in the hospital, Buck bought the bar. Boyd gives him two options: A) Surrender the bar to the Crowders and leave unharmed or B) Find out what it's like to be shot. Buck picks "Option C" and two of his men come up, holding guns at Devil and Boyd. However, two men of Johnny's, Rip and Jimmy, are also there and hold the guns at Buck's men. Johnny rolls in the back door, and threatens Buck's men, as well as Buck, to leave the bar.

In "The Devil You Know", he is in his bar counting money when Devil walks in. Boyd hands Devil a small sum of money, and Devil asks him when they are going to execute a big score, but Boyd simply orders him to be patient. Raylan soon comes in and tells them a story about how Frances Givens ran away from Arlo's abuse one night and went to Limehouse's terrority. A drunken Arlo showed up and attempted to fight Limehouse, but Limehouse ended up beating up the man, and he tells Boyd that Limehouse had no recollection of the incident when he visited him. Boyd tells him that maybe Limehouse has fought so many white men, he can't remember Arlo. Boyd orders Devil and Johnny to leave to talk to Raylan alone. Raylan tells him that Dickie escaped from Trumbull and that Dewey escaped as well. Raylan asks him about their whereabouts, and Boyd tells him he may want to check out Lance because he is the same kind of guy that can put people together and take them out. Later, Boyd, Devil, and Johnny have a meeting in the main room of the bar. Devil explains the conversation has been a long time coming. Devil points a gun at Boyd, and Boyd asks him what led him in his imagination to think he could pull off killing him. Johnny soon points a gun at Devil, telling him that him turning on Boyd was never going to happen. Boyd shoots Devil in the chest. Boyd tells him that all he ever asked him for was his loyalty, and tells him to close his eyes. Boyd then points the gun at Devil's head, and a gunshot is heard before the credits roll.

In "Thick as Mud", he is first seen with Arlo burying Devil's body. Arlo attempts to steal money from Devil's wallet, but Boyd stops him saying not to steal from the dead. Boyd then removes Devil's cell phone, saying that it is his "last gift" to their cause. Boyd is in the bar when Ava visits him. He explains to her that he regrets having to kill Devil, but Ava manages to console him after showing each other their wounds. Ava explains that they are in this life together. Later, Doc Stern is brought in to talk to Boyd, who knows that Stern has been writing prescriptions in exchange for protection and Oxy. Stern reveals that he was working with Frankfurt. Boyd tells him he wants him to sell the Oxy and give him the profits, but Stern refuses saying that Frankfurt will have him killed if he does that. Boyd threatens his mother indirectly if he refuses to go along with his plan. Boyd, Johnny, Jimmy, and Rip go to a bar where Tanner Dodd is sitting with his girlfriend Trixie. Jimmy unplugs the jukebox, and Boyd dials the last number called from Devil's cell phone. Suddenly, Dodd's phone begins to vibrate and Boyd sits at his table. Boyd explains that it looks like they HAD a friend in common, and asks if he can trust Dodd to relay the information back to Robert Quarles that he killed Boyd, as well as another message. When Dodd ask what, Johnny hits him twice with the butt of his shotgun. Boyd tells him if Quarles has anything to say in reply, he can locate him at Johnny's bar. Quarles visits Boyd, who informs him that he got both of his messages. Boyd is confused saying that he only sent one. Quarles attempts to convince Boyd to partner up with him, saying that together they will make a lot more money than they will as enemies. Boyd asks him if he is familiar with the term "carpetbagger", which offends Quarles. Quarles thanks him for the bourbon and leaves, but Boyd informs him that men in three-piece suits have been coming to Harlan from the North for years, and that they always die by the end of summer.

In "When the Guns Come Out", Boyd paces the floor in Johnny's bar trying to figure out who was behind his Oxy clinic being shot up. Johnny suspects Quarles, but Boyd informs him he doesn't want to jump to any conclusions until he has enough details. Boyd and Ava head to Limehouse's holler, hoping to get answers. Boyd tells him about the night they met on the bridge, that Limehouse knew things about his business that Boyd never knew, but asks why he knows so little about Limehouse. Limehouse asks Boyd if he knows a few people, and then asks a patron at the diner named Jennings who Boyd is. Jennings recites Boyd's entire family lineage, and says how he is surprised Boyd is still living after the things he has done. Limehouse says that it's always been his people's duty to know Boyd. Boyd then asks if he knows about the Oxy clinic shootout, to which Limehouse says he does, but he says only the people he banks for are the ones that know. Boyd offers to bank his money with Limehouse in exchange for the information. Boyd suspects Robert Quarles to be behind it, and Limehouse tells him three people were killed, two of which were associates of Boyd's. Later, Raylan shows up, angered that his family name was drawn into the clinic shootout. Boyd apologizes for it, but says that he is not the problem with everything going on in Harlan County, and he tells Raylan to go to Audrey's to talk to Ava. Raylan says he doesn't care about Boyd's Oxy business, but threatens him, saying that the next time his family name is drug into this, he will lose his Marshal's star and come after Boyd. Boyd tells Raylan to go see Ava, and Raylan says he must love having the law do his dirty work before he leaves. Boyd soon calls Ava and tells her that Raylan is going to see her.

In "The Man Behind The Curtain", Boyd is visited by an angry Raylan who is mad that Boyd has once again drug his name into more of Boyd's drama. furious that he has once again been connected with Boyd, demands to know more about Quarles. "You think that idea came from me?" Boyd asks. Boyd insists that he did not tell Quarles that Givens was on the payroll and articulates his underlying credo: "This is our home, Raylan. I start to turn on my own people, no matter how contentious at times our relationship may be, that's a world that becomes so muddy even I can't fathom it." Later, Tillman Napier and Nick Mooney promptly shut down Johnny's bar after they find illegal poker machines and a locked emergency exit. Boyd visits Limehouse with a wad of cash requesting to look into a certain Sheriff who has taken a bribe from Quarles. Limehouse, however, keeps giving Boyd partial information which infuriates the latter. Boyd warns that whatever Limehouse knows, he should know or else he will close out his account. Boyd later manages to convince his former employer at Black Pike, Shelby Parlow, to run against Napier in the upcoming election.

In "Watching the Detectives", a furious Napier comes back to Johnny's bar, suspecting Boyd of putting dynamite under his car, which had caused an explosion that almost killed him earlier in the episode. Boyd, however, is confused by it but ends up being handcuffed by Mooney. Later, the men are at the police station where the local media surrounds them. Napier explains to the reporters that Boyd had attempted to kill him by planting dynamite under his car. Later, it turns out that it was a ruse set up by Napier and Tanner Dodd to frame Boyd and potientally get him out of Quarles's hair.

Boyd ends up being released from jail by Raylan in "Loose Ends" after Ava tells him that Boyd may have information on the apparent assassination attempt. Boyd reveals that Tanner Dodd is in Quarles's pocket, and in return for the information, Raylan bails out Boyd. Later, Boyd shows during the debate between Shelby and Tillman Napier, helping out the struggling Shelby (Due to the upper hand advantage given to him by Harvey Jones) by explaining that Shelby was implicated in a robbery by the hated Blackpike Coal—and who would believe that dishonest firm? The charismatic Boyd soon has the crowd in a frenzy. "I'm not saying you're a bad man, Mr. Napier, but I do know that you've been feeding too long at the public trough!" Boyd says. The crowd cheers. Harvey pounds his gavel, but it's drowned out.

In "Guy Walks Into a Bar", Boyd is furious after learning from Shelby that two of Napier's deputies, Nick Mooney and Ethan Bishop attempted to plant drugs in his truck. Boyd learns that Napier's side is playing dirty and attempts to do the same as well. Johnny informs him that Napier has a sister named Hanna and that all they need to do is threaten her into helping them out. Boyd, however, gets Hanna to agree to be on Harvey Jones's payroll since he is a County Clerk. By doing so, it violates election rules that a family member of the elected Sheriff cannot be on a payroll of a County Clerk. Because of this, Napier (who had just recently won re-election) is forced to relinquish his title of Sheriff to Shelby. Boyd later gloats to an angered Robert Quarles. "You know what you are?" Boyd asks. "You are a conquistador, but we are not your savages. And now you get to leave with your life ... I hope you enjoyed your stay and you never forget who packed your bags." Quarles face tightens in a rage before relaxing into a broad smile. Boyd and Johnny then watch as Quarles leaves.I

In "Measures", Arlo, Johnny, and Ava have a tempered discussion over the Dickie problem. Boyd settles it rather abruptly by explaining that he will kill Dickie—slowly—but not before the last Bennett standing leads them to Mags' fortune. Later, he learns from Johnny that two of the drug dealers on Boyd's payroll (Longbaugh and Parker) had been murdered. Boyd visits the drug dealer's home and wonders whether the perpetrator was a pro or just a tweeker. The neighbor Greta reveals that she did see the man, who was a "husky looking fella" and believed he was sent by the spirit of her dead dog Togo to kill the two men because they shot her dog not too long ago. Boyd immediately realizes that the man responsible for the murders was in fact Quarles, when Greta remembers not his hair but his "blue eyes, like a husky." Boyd and Jimmy head to Napier's office. Boyd knows that Napier told Quarles which drug dealers to hit and promises to hurt Napier terribly unless the ex-lawman gives up Quarles' location. Boyd then orders Napier to bait Quarles into a trap: Quarles who had been coldly rebuffed by Limehouse who he was attempting to give the stole drugs to wanted to stash them in Napier's old office. Napier tells him to deliver the drugs to Audrey's (Unbeknownst to Quarles, Audrey's was run by Ava). Boyd waits in the back room of a trailer at Audrey's with a taser in his hand when Quarles enters. Quarles calls Wynn Duffy, asking why he hasn't been in touch with him. Duffy reveals that he has been in trouble with the Marshals for 2 hours. Quarles knowing that there is a bounty on his head, asks how much they are paying. Duffy says "They didn't say", but before he can continue the conversation, Boyd tases Quarles in the back of the neck, rendering him unconscious. Boyd orders two prostitutes Minerva and Cat to strip Quarles, and orders Jimmy to chain him to the bed. Boyd picks up Quarles's cell phone and begins to talk to Duffy after overhearing the bounty on Quarles's head. Duffy truthfully tells Boyd the prices ($100,000 dead, and $200,000 alive), but Boyd is skeptic saying that a clever man would hide the true amount of the prices so that he can have more money than his partner. Duffy asks if they are partners now, and Boyd reveals that since they both want Quarles dead, they are pretty much on the same page. Duffy thinks that it is better to kill Quarles, who is notoriously resourceful but Boyd believes the man cannot retaliate as he is unconscious and chained to a bed. Duffy simply tells him "Don't say I didn't warn you".

In "Coalition", Errol comes into Johnny's bar while Boyd is discussing the bounty on Quarles's head. Errol says that he is looking for assistance before signaling Boyd's rival, Dickie into the bar. Boyd stares Dickie down coldly before dragging him to his office, putting a plastic bag over his head and punching him several times. Errol begs him to stop, saying that there is $3.2 million dollars of Bennett money and the only ones that can help Boyd get it are Errol and Dickie. Ava tells Boyd to let Dickie go and hear Errol's plan out, and a reluctant Boyd lets him go. Errol tells him that Limehouse stashed the money away in a safety deposit box down at a bank called Galletin, and Boyd discusses his plan to rob the bank, sending Arlo and Ava to the bank in order to scout it out. Duffy soon heads to Audrey's and panics after learning that Quarles has escaped his confinement and tells Boyd that he warned him he should have killed him. Duffy informs Boyd that Theo Tonin is not going to like that Quarles escaped from a "diseased -whore-ridden-factory up in his inbred holler". Boyd lets the insult slide, but instead informs Duffy of a back-up plan: Boyd plans to steal $3.2 million dollars from a bank and offers Duffy a cut. Boyd says he likes to have a diversion during bank robberies and he knows that Quarles will contact Duffy since Duffy is the only friend he has in this world, and plans to plant explosives in Quarles's car so that when he goes to rob the bank, Quarles will be killed, and Duffy will deliver his man to Theo. Duffy warms to the plan, but informs Boyd that he can plant his own explosives. Boyd sits Arlo out of the plan to rob the bank, much to his chagrin because of Arlo's age. Arlo says that he can still do the job and announces his anger that Boyd has sat him out while Dickie is still around and Boyd orders Ava to take Arlo to her home and watch over him. At Johnny's bar, Dickie, who like his cohort Dewey Crowe has no idea of his own limitations, very unwisely starts to demand a 70-30 split in his favor when Boyd pulls a pair of guns. Boyd soon points both guns at Errol, saying that he isn't too concerned with Dickie just yet. Boyd knows that there is no money in the bank and demands to know how Errol and Limehouse have schemed to set him up. Errol more or less admits to the ruse, explaining that Limehouse only wanted to send Boyd away to prison for a long time. After getting no answer from Ava after calling their house, Boyd arrives with a handgun in tow to find Ava locked in the basement. She tells him that Arlo escaped. Johnny calls Boyd and announces that Loretta McCready is the holder of the $3.2 million and that he had overheard this information as he was regaining consciousness after being knocked out by Dickie. Quarles comes to Johnny's bar after being ordered to kill Boyd by Limehouse. Mike and Duffy observe from a distance, and Duffy orders Mike to detonate the car. Boyd hears the bombs about to go off and turns his back to jump away from the explosion, while Quarles attempts to shoot him. The explosion causes Boyd to crash into a pole and be knocked unconscious while Quarles goes to the ground, his back engulfed in flames.

In "Slaughterhouse", Boyd is being interrogated by the police over Tom's murder but proclaims he did not see anything due to being unconscious. After the cops and Raylan leave, Arlo is pulled aside by Boyd, who is enraged that Arlo locked Ava in the basement, but Arlo indirectly admits that Helen is the reason he locked Ava up. Boyd forces Arlo to take his medication in front of him. Soon Boyd learns from Shelby that a warrant is out over Devil's murder and Boyd soon realizes that someone in his crew is a traitor since they are the only ones that knew about the murder. Johnny and Arlo deny any involvement, although Arlo once again suspects his late wife Helen. Boyd ends up being arrested by the Marshals and State Troopers waiting outside of Ava's home. However, Boyd walks away a free man when Arlo confesses to the murders of Tom and Devil (Despite the fact Arlo had no hand in killing Devil).

Season 4[]

In "Hole in the Wall", Boyd is seen talking to a former drug dealer for his Oxy business named Hiram Pugh. Hiram tells Boyd that his Oxy business is plummeting because many drug users are seeking Christianity due to the sermons of a popular new preacher named Billy St. Cyr. Boyd mathematically conducts that Hiram still owes him money, as he had time to sell the product before his conversion. Hiram tells Boyd that he flushed the Oxy down the drain. A firecracker soon explodes outside, and Boyd threatens the man to pay up or the next one will be in the house. In his office, Boyd plans on what to do about the Oxy business with Ava and Johnny. Colt, a former military officer with a history of arresting Boyd during his military days in Kuwait, visits him at the bar. Boyd enlists the man's help in interrogating Hiram to get the rest of his money. The two attach a firecracker under his groin and light it. Near the end of the fuse, the man reveals that the drug money is under a lawnmower. Boyd tells Colt to take care of Hiram, and Colt shoots him in the head. Boyd says that he meant for Colt to untie him, and that he will have to be careful with his words next time. Boyd is lastly seen staring at the fake million dollar bill that comes from the Last Chance Salvation, the church run by Billy.

In "Where's Waldo?", Boyd, Johnny, and Ava are in the back talking about the recent ongoings. Johnny says that there is a target on their back since both a drug peddler and a prostitute have both been converted. Johnny suggests going down to the church to speak to Billy, but Boyd shoots this idea down and dismisses Johnny. In the back trailer of Audrey's, Boyd finds Colt punching a heroin dealer named Danny, who was attempting to distribute at Audrey's. In his wallet, the two men learn that he is from Frankfurt. Ava interrupts them and calls Boyd into Audrey's, where he sees a group of Gospel singing children handing out the fake one million dollar bills from Billy's church. Boyd visits Shelby, who gives him a file on the Last Chance Salvation under the condition that they sever all ties as he thought he made it clear the last conversation that they were finished. Shelby says that Billy and Cassie St. Cyr have been to multiple towns in the past year, saving souls and moving along. Shelby believes that the church might be trying to help people, but Boyd disagrees, believing the church moves around to hurt various drug enterprises. Boyd, Jimmy, and Colt visit Billy's church. Billy believes that Boyd is there to save himself, and knows of Boyd's reputation in Harlan. Boyd explains that he once stood where Billy stood, and wonders aloud if the reverend might be a false prophet here to exploit the citizens. So Billy announces that, from this moment on, no member of the church is to give one single cent to the ministry. All of the congregation stands and applauds, except for Cassie, who seems to be angered with her brother's decision despite appearing to be on a mission to save souls like he is. Boyd takes notice of this on his way out and believes that Billy is the face of the church, while Cassie pulls the strings. He believes that Cassie is the key to finding out the truth behind the church. Later on, Duffy enters the bar with his men. "I have many men in my employ," Wynn says. "If one of them strayed, I apologize." Boyd proposes a partnership with Wynn, who obviously doesn't trust the man or his offer. Wynn pulls a gun and shoots Danny in the head. "Any dealer silly enough to poach your territory is not welcome in my crew," Wynn says. "Sorry about the mess." Before leaving, Wynn tells Boyd about Arlo murdering another prisoner, who happens to be a soldier for the Dixie Mafia.

In "Truth and Consequences", Boyd sits in the congregation seats of Billy's tent at night, and catches Cassie, who was sneaking out. Boyd offers her bribery money, so that her and Billy will leave Harlan for good. Cassie rejects the bribe, saying that if he wants them to leave, he will have to pay them more money for a permanent location somewhere else. Boyd then intiates a plan B by sending Colt and Jimmy back to the tent. This backfires when Jimmy is ambushed and bitten by several of Billy's snakes. At Johnny's bar, Boyd takes note of his missing cousin when he tries to find a doctor for Jimmy. Later that night at Billy's sermon, Boyd arrives with a metal box containing a venomous snake. He forces Cassie to come clean that she has been milking Billy's snakes the entire time, ever since their father's death. This embarrasses and angers Billy in front of his congregation, and he decides to handle Boyd's snake, despite protests from Cassie and Boyd, who warns him not to press his luck. While holding the snake, Billy is bitten and collapses to the ground, while Cassie screams for someone to call an ambulance as Billy dies. Boyd leaves showing remorse.

In "This Bird Has Flown", Boyd is at the bar seeming remorseful before Ellen May shows back up. Ellen May wants back in Audrey's, but Boyd tells her that the decision is left up to Ava. Ava and Boyd discuss what to do about Ellen May because Ava is skeptic that Ellen May could have confessed the ongoings at Audrey's to the St. Cyr siblings. For reassurance, Boyd has Sheriff Shelby question Cassie to see what she knows while he and Ava listen on speaker phone. Boyd suggests sending Ellen May down to Alabama to work for his cousin, who is also a born-again Christian. 

In "Kin", Boyd questions Colt about Ellen May. Colt lies and says that he killed her about midnight, and threw her body into a slurry pond. Wynn Duffy soon visits the bar, and pays Boyd for his assistance in helping Duffy locate Drew Thompson. Boyd is led into the hills, where he is captured by the people alleged to know where Drew Thompson is. Raylan is also captured, and the two are going to be taken to an abandoned mine for execution before Daniel, one of the group, fetches Mary, a cousin of Raylan's mother Frances. Raylan comes to Boyd's defense, saying that if anybody gets killed he'll have to report it all to his bosses at the marshal's office. Before departing, Raylan handcuffs Boyd to a tree and tells Colt his location and to bring a saw. Boyd calls Duffy and offers him a new deal: In exchange for Drew Thompson, he wants half of the heroin business. Boyd then pays off Arlo's attorney, Sonya Gable, to break attorney-client privilege.

In "Foot Chase", Boyd and Colt interrogate a man named Dale Haywood, who they believe to be the real Drew Thompson. Dale's identity, however, checks out when he shows them newspaper clipping from his high school days. Boyd continues to narrow down the possible Drew Thompson identities, when Ava proposes that they blackmail Judge Executive Arnold for an invitation into the upscale Napier’s fancy parties, despite Boyd’s reservations about the idea. Shelby interrupts the duo to arrest Boyd, despite the criminal’s veiled threats, leaving behind a stunned Ava. Shelby drags a handcuffed Boyd into his office to find a waiting Raylan, and questions him about Josiah Cairn’s kidnapping and severed foot. Boyd denies any involvement given the predicament Raylan left him in earlier by the hills, but Shelby threatens him with investigation into another case, such as the missing Ellen May. The interrogation gets interrupted by Sonya Gable, who demands Boyd be freed if he is not being charged with anything. Back at the bar, Ava reveals to Boyd she already secured invitations to the party, but admits that the recent murder of Ellen May has given her a guilty conscience. Boyd urges her to join him in the car, as the pair drive to a secluded hilltop spot he frequented in his childhood. Boyd hands her a metal box hoping to calm her fears, revealing it to contain stacks of money he’d previously been stashing. Boyd explains that the money is intended as a down payment on a house anywhere they choose, producing an engagement ring beneath the bills. Moved by his intent to start a new generation of Crowders with a respectable name in years to come, Ava accepts the proposal.

In "Money Trap", Boyd continues to have reservations about attending Napier's party. The goal is to question the patrons about the history of Harlan in order to find out if one of them is Drew Thompson. Boyd meets up with former Harlan Sheriff Tillman Napier, and the two exchange barbs. Boyd bonds with two men named Lee Paxton and Gerald Johns, who immediately know who Boyd is. After their talk, Boyd attacks a man who was attempting to rape Ava, and apologizes to her for being long, but says he has to take her home because of another meeting with the men. It turns out that Gerald and Lee were responsible for Bo's success, and they want Boyd to kill Frank Browning, the owner of Black Pike Mining. The men offer Boyd an ultimatum: Either kill Frank Browning or they will destroy Boyd.

In "Outlaw", Boyd is seen talking to Gerald about the plan to execute Frank. Gerald threatens Boyd to fall through with the plan by explaining his high power and good relationships with the law. Boyd, in the meantime, visits Frank and explains that he has been asked to kill the rich man. "I thought I would give you a chance to beat their price," Boyd says. Frank doesn't take that well and levels a shotgun at Boyd's chest. Duffy then pays Boyd a visit and shares bad news: the mob is getting nervous that Drew Thompson has not yet been found. "Theo has a guy on the way down who has killed more people than malaria," Duffy explains. Boyd says that he has narrowed the list down to two names, and maybe it's safer to kill both. The two names are Frank's and Sam Keener, both of whom are killed by the Tonin Hitman, who confirms that they are false ID's. Boyd later gets a call from Nick Augustine, and offers his services for the Tonin family. Boyd also asks for another favor, which turns out to be Nick and Theo stripping the Clover Hillers of all their contacts with the law, taking away their power. Boyd informs the men that he did not kill Frank himself. Boyd wants $10,000 from each of the men, as well as a Dairy Queen franchise. Ava expresses her concerns for Boyd's safety because there is nobody bigger than Theo that Boyd can use to make Theo back down. Boyd reassures her that he can handle things and they kiss.

In "The Hatchet Tour", Boyd and Ava are first seen house hunting and Ava remembers every detail about the house they are looking at because it is the one that her mother used to clean. Boyd feels that the real estate woman showing them the house believes that he doesn't have the funding to purchase the nice house in Clover Hill. Boyd opens up his briefcase, revealing a large sum of cash, much to the woman's shock. Ava and Boyd question Colt about Ellen May after learning about Ava's conversation with Cassie. Colt reassures him that he killed her, and Boyd orders Colt to find Cassie and bring her in for questioning. Boyd and Johnny later arrive at the church when Johnny tells them that Colt is lying and didn't kill Ellen May. Boyd resolves the issue between Tim Gutterson and Colt when Tim holds him at gunpoint by telling Colt to put his gun down and they leave. Back at the bar, Boyd questions Colt again about Ellen May, and he sticks to his story that he killed her. Colt finally admits the truth, that he messed up by losing track of her, and that he tried to make it right by trying to get Shelby to help. Boyd is now shocked and furious to know that Shelby knew Ellen May was alive. Boyd gives Ava cash and tells her to leave in case Ellen May confessed to the murder of Delroy. Boyd enters Shelby's house, only to find that Raylan and other Marshals were already inside waiting for Shelby to enter. It suddenly dawns on Boyd that Shelby is in fact Drew Thompson.

In "Get Drew", he is still being held in custody from the previous episode. Boyd's lawyer negotiates his release and he decides to find Ellen May by interrogating the former Audrey's owner, Nicky Cush. Nicky tells them that she is hiding out at Limehouse's, as she had always threatened to go there. Ava visits Limehouse, who says that he will give her Shelby and Ellen May if she brings him $300,000 ($150,000 for each of them). Limehouse changes the deal, and says that they can only buy one of them back. Boyd chooses Shelby because of his value to the Tonins. Later, Boyd learns that the Marshals have found Shelby before the Tonins can. Boyd realizes that his only options are to plead their case to the Tonins or flee.

In "Decoy", Augustine arrives at the bar where he has his assistance Yolo punch Boyd several times for his failure to find Drew Thompson. Boyd tells him that in order to find Drew, they need him alive but he needs $500,000 if he wants to help. Boyd then devises his sneak attack plan so that they can all find Drew. Boyd, Johnny, and Ava put the missing pieces together and determine that Raylan has Drew held up at their old high school. Boyd, along with Picker arrive to the high school, but Raylan tells them he isn't going to turn anyone over to them and urges them to call reinforcements. Unbeknownst to Boyd, Raylan did this as a way to buy Drew enough time to escape Harlan. Boyd and Picker return, only to learn that Drew has been gone for a while.

In "Peace of Mind", Boyd decides that the best option for him is to go in and retrieve Ellen May himself from Limehouse. Later, Augustine calls him via Johnny's cell phone and offers him a deal: He will give him the $300,000 to buy back Ellen May and in exchange, he will hand Johnny over to Boyd. At the bar, Ava decides it is better she goes to talk to Limehouse since he won't respond well to gangster and he hates Boyd. Augustine is against it but agrees as long as Boyd stays at the bar as human collateral. Boyd, Picker, and Augustine head to Nicky Cush's house after learning Ellen May is not at the holler. Cush ambushes them wearing body armor, but Boyd shoots him in the foot and presses against the wound to learn Ellen May is at the church. The Marshals, however, beat him there and take Ellen May into custody. Ava and Boyd have a heart to heart, and Boyd decides that they have one last play: get rid of Delroy's body once and for all.

In "Ghosts", Ava, Jimmy, and Boyd prepare to exhume Delroy's body from the mine. When they get there however, they find that law enforcement has already beaten them there thanks to an anonymous tip (which later turns out to be Cassie). Boyd decides to have one last play, using his affiliation with Lee. Lee turns out to own the funeral home which houses Delroy's body. Lee suggests swapping Delroy's body with another corpse from the cemetary. Jimmy and Boyd then exhume another corpse out and swap it with Delroy's. Before they can dump it, however, Raylan shows up at the bar and forces Boyd to accompany him for his meeting with Augustine. Later, Boyd finds out from Jimmy that Ava told him to get out of the car as he races after her in his truck. It turns out that Lee and Nick Mooney's participation in the swap was part of an elaborate set-up to incarcerate Boyd but instead Ava was arrested. A furious Boyd punches Nick twice before being subdued by law enforcement. Boyd vows to find Ava the best lawyer money can buy and that he will have her out in 24 hours. Duffy returns to Johnny's bar and informs Boyd of the news out of Detroit: Sammy Tonin is the new head of the Detroit mob and has made Duffy his man east of the Mississippi. Duffy then offers Boyd the chance to handle his heroin distribution in Kentucky, to which Boyd agrees. Boyd later breaks into the house that he and Ava were planning to buy and stares out the window.

Season 5[]

In "A Murder of Crowes", Boyd Crowder and his incarcerated one true love Ava Crowder are in conference with defense attorney "The Wildman", discussing options in her case involving the Evident Tampering, Obstruction and Desecration of a Corpse, the late, unlamented Delroy. Boyd assures Ava that he will take care of everything to free her so they can resume their life together. Officer Susan Crane enters and calls time on the embracing couple's visitation. Boyd and Jimmy sit on a bridge in the middle of the night, waiting to consummate a deal with his Detroit connection, who when they arrive, attempt to rip the "simple country folk" off, taking his money without delivering any product. Boyd is one step ahead of them and with help of Carl on overwatch with a scoped rifle, kills the three Detroit gun thugs but gets his left ear shot in the process. Boyd calls Wynn Duffy in bed at home, gives him the highlights of the bridge encounter and tells him, "Pack your bags, we're going to Detroit." Detroit is hardly fun city for Boyd and Duffy, who end up in a very questionable apartment building for another meeting with Sammy Tonin, while some poor guy gets hacked up by a chainsaw in the next room. Sammy quickly gets shot right in front of them by Tonin henchman Picker, along with the dude being tuned into sushi and the chainsaw guy. A henchman informs them that they really ought to be talking to the Canadians represented by Dave Foley who listens, then after learning what happened on the bridge back in Harlan, observes, "The idea behind organized crime is that it's supposed to be organized." Boyd pays an unannounced late-night visit to the mansion of Harlan Illuminati member Lee Paxton, hoping to use him to curry favor with his friend Judge Bishop who's sitting on Ava's case. When the meeting doesn't go well and the funeral director becomes aggressively insulting toward Ava, Boyd, in a fit of rage, clubs Paxton almost to death with his pistol, and after a brief Hobson's Choice negotiation with his younger Latvian trophy wife, Mara, leaves him bloody in a corner for her to attend to.

In "The Kids Aren't All Right", Boyd laments having to lie to Ava that he has her trial under control, before Mooney, his deputies and Mara arrive to the bar looking to make an arrest. Mara enters, getting up close with Boyd when Mooney presses her to confirm that Boyd assaulted Paxton, though Mara surprisingly denies Boyd to be the man she saw. Boyd meets with Mara at the hospital and learns that she’ll leave him alone for the money he’d earlier promised her, though he doesn’t have it on hand. Boyd finds that his dope shipment sent by the Canadians has also been attacked and robbed.

In "Good Intentions", Boyd Crowder is having a testy, somewhat accusatory late night 'phone call with Wynn Duffy, trying to figure out who ripped off their heroin shipment from the Canadians.Jimmy roughly escorts Cyrus Boone into the presence of Wynn and Boyd. Wynn takes Cyrus' pump BB gun from Jimmy, and as Boyd goes about finding out the how and the who of the heroin hijacking, Wynn shoots the man with his own gun. Through a process of ratiocination, Boyd has concluded that Cyrus must have divulged information about the shipment to a female, and he demands to know who she is. Cyrus only knows her as "Candy" because of a sexual favor she performs with mints in her mouth. Carl bursts in to tell Boyd "that Russian lady" is on the 'phone with "an emergency." He leaves Cyrus to continue being interrogated, and pinked at, by Wynn, Jimmy and Mike. Boyd and her attorney visit Ava in jail. He hopes his lady can shed some light on the true identity of "Candy" but she's miffed that he's more concerned with the hijacking than her state of mind and welfare. They argue and as Boyd remains fixated on resolving the hijacking issue, Ava becomes increasingly bitter about her circumstances, losing faith in Boyd's ability to get her free. Boyd, having a better idea of how to find "Candy," sends Carl out to check the three most likely places where the whore would be. He stresses that she's to be brought back alive, and that no one is to know "that she's been took." Carl exits as a resolute Dewey enters. Boyd doesn't have time for any conversation, but Dewey persists, telling him that he feels he's been ripped off, citing the other establishment that Daryl had found for half the price. An impatient Boyd asks "Does this restaurant have blow jobs on the menu?" and when Dewey falters, Boyd asserts "Apples and oranges, son!" Dewey continues his argument, retreating a bit only when Boyd retrieves a pistol, not for Dewey, but the mission he's preparing to undertake. In order to continue that task, Boyd gives Dewey an inspirational (but mostly B.S.) pep talk and tells him to go back and put his foot down with his cousin Daryl.  Boyd wants Mooney to tell Paxton that he's killed him as Paxton had directed, while Mara takes the position that the Sheriff can't be trusted, and should simply be killed right there. The trembling Mooney's choice is simple: comply or die. Mara and Boyd are having a calm conversation over a drink at the bar, discussing how her husband's statement against Ava will still stand if he dies before recanting it. They discuss ways to make Paxton believe that Mooney has discharged his commission and killed Boyd. Mara has Boyd remove his shirt so she can inspect his tattoos. After first suggesting that Boyd part with a distinctively tattoo'd part of his body, Mara comes up with the idea of duplicating one of Boyd's tats on a dead body, noting that since she's married to a funeral director, obtaining a corpse would not be an issue. As Boyd puts his shirt back on, Mara smiles and asks him, "What about you? Can you find a dead body? Can you find more than one?" Boyd is drinking alone at the bar when the backdoor opens and Carl drags in a steamer trunk. Inside is a bound and gagged Teri, whimpering in terror. After Carl removes the gag, Boyd asks, "Where is he?" Sniveling and shaking, she says she doesn't know, only that he wanted her to find out when the shipment was coming in and then call him. Boyd takes her cell' 'phone and punches up a number. A familiar voice answers, "Hey, darling." Boyd calmly responds, "Hello, Cousin Johnny."

In "Over the Mountain", Boyd and Ava visit with Johnny at the jail. Johnny finally reveals his hostility towards Boyd for getting him shot whenever Boyd turned to Christianity for a short time. Boyd attempts to make a peaceful parlay for him and his cousin to work together again and earn money, but Johnny laughs it off, and says he only came to the jail to see Ava and tells her that if she ever comes to her senses, to give him a call. Boyd calls Carl and has him trail Johnny. Raylan and Tim visit Boyd at the bar and he hands over Messer's private burner number so that Raylan can do a GPS track on it. Boyd and Carl track down Johnny, who is meeting with Rodney Dunham. Boyd laments this is why Johnny is so arrogant and tells Carl that they have to wait for the perfect time before they attack Johnny and Dunham. 

In "Shot All to Hell", Boyd drops off the dead bodies shown in the previous episode in a funeral home run by Lee Paxton. Boyd has Nick call Lee, saying there was an anonymous tip to find the bodies there because Lee made a deal with a local criminal element. Boyd is seen sitting in a chair across from Lee's bed where he is holding Lee's pistol. Boyd tells him that the supposed deal will tarnish Lee's reputation in Harlan, and shoots Lee in the head, staging it as a suicide. At the bar, Boyd poses as a customer when he notices Daryl Crowe Jr. and Jean Baptiste present. Boyd soon reveals himself to the two men and points his gun at Daryl, giving him 60 seconds to say what he needs. Daryl follows up on Dewey’s demand for a more accurate sale price on Audrey’s, but Boyd says no. Boyd meets with Dunham and requests for Dunham to give him an apology, give up Johnny, and help him smuggle heroin across the Mexican border. Dunham initially rejects the heroin deal since it is high risk but Boyd offers a 50/50 split. Boyd uses the money that he was originally going to give Mara and pays off Hayes Workman to kill Nick as Workman is dying of black lung and needs inheritance to leave his family when he dies. Billy Geist informs Ava and Boyd that because the case against her is crumbling due to Mooney's death and Paxton's "suicide", the judge is dropping. Ava requests wanting to go out for dinner when she is free. Later, Geist visits Boyd at the bar with bad news concering Ava. A guard at the prison tells Boyd that Ava has been taken to a state prison. 

In "Kill the Messenger", Boyd meets with a white supremacist buddy named Gunnar Swift in order to arrange protection for Ava as Gunnar's sister Gretchen, is currently incarcerated at the women's prison. Boyd pays Gunnar, who complies to have Ava protected. Boyd and Duffy meet with Yoon, an associate of Ethan Picker who is to be their new partner in the drug business. Boyd later learns from Geist that Ava was jumped in prison by Gretchen, and decides to visit Gunnar for revenge, but learns that he is surrounded with skinheads and that leaves Boyd and his crew outnumbered. Once Carl is found in the cabin and freed, Boyd visits Daryl at Audrey's, requesting his assistance in visiting Gunnar. At Gunnar's place, he tells him that Ava being jumped was payment for Boyd being a race traitor and that Boyd has balls for coming in outnumbered 6 to 1. Boyd whistles and Carl, Dewey, Daryl, and Danny all emerge. Boyd has Daryl brutally beat Gunnar and tells Gunnar that if Ava is attacked by Gretchen again in prison, he will take it out on him ten fold. Boyd calls Dunham to make sure that their deal is intact. Dunham tells him that it will go as smooth in Mexico, as it did the day both men both weed from Dickie Bennett. Boyd realizes that something isn't right as Boyd's crew robbed Dunham during his weed transaction with Dickie. Boyd recruits Daryl to help him kill Johnny. 

In "Raw Deal", Boyd, Dewey, Danny, Daryl, Carl and Jimmy head up to Memphis to capture Johnny, who is nowhere to be found. At Yoon's mansion in Mexico, Boyd finds Johnny sitting in a chair as Johnny has means to money and wants to outbid Boyd for a deal with Yoon. Yoon tells Boyd that if Johnny cannot come up with the cash, their deal will stand but if Johnny can provide it, then Yoon will only deal with Johnny. When Johnny comes up with the cash, Boyd is placed into his custody, but Alberto Ruiz requests that Johnny must kill Boyd across the Mexican border. Dewey, Danny, Daryl, Carl and Jimmy emerge from a van blocking the road in the desert and hold Dunham's men and Johnny at gunpoint, cutting Boyd's restraints loose. Danny, however, executes Dunham's men after they draw on him, leaving Boyd furious as he shoots and kills Johnny after Johnny laughs at Boyd's now-ruined plans. Boyd calls Yoon and says that they have a problem. 

In "Whistle Past the Graveyard", Ruiz informs Boyd that Yoon is closing the deal with him and taking back the heroin as Boyd lied about there not being any deaths, but Boyd manages to persuade Ruiz to talk his both and have another chance. Danny suggests hiring a drug smuggler named Corey Flores to help them, although Daryl refuses to work with him due to a feud between the two. At the border, Boyd and his associates are stopped by federales, where Boyd lies and claims that they are Christian missionaries, but the federale doesn't buy it, and instead takes their van (which Boyd had switched the heroin out of beforehand, leaving the dead bodies of Dunham's henchman and Johnny in the van). Boyd and Daryl meet with Flores, where he is suspicious that Flores would want to work with Daryl, given their history. Daryl pays off Flores, and he gives them a boat and he will meet them in Galveston with the heroin. Jimmy (who is revealed to be a fluent Spanish-speaker) overheards two of  Flores's men talking and relays back to Boyd that Daryl had contacted Flores days earlier, and Boyd conducts that the Crowe family is setting him up. 

In "Wrong Roads", Daryl and Boyd are talking in Boyd's office, where he reveals that he knows Dunham's men never drew on Daryl and Danny, and Daryl reveals he knows Boyd is drawing a gun on him under the table. Daryl threatens him, saying it'd be a shame if Danny and Dewey took a wrong road and got busted with the heroin, and that all he wants is to be a part of the family. Boyd visits Ava in the prison, talking on her on the phone and promising her that he will get her out and that he has been busy attempting to secure their future. Ava tells her that a friend in trouble is going to meet with Boyd, and that he needs to do whatever she asks of him. Rowena later meets with Boyd at the bar, requesting that he murder Elmont Swain, who was responsible for killing her drug smuggling partner, Vernon. Boyd finds out that Swain is in a nursing home and in bad health due to a heart condition. Boyd also learns that Swain's motivation for murdering Vernon was because the drugs smuggled into the prison caused his wife, Elania, to overdose. Boyd, Picker and Duffy meet with Daryl, who requests 20% of the cut in the heroin business, but both Picker and Duffy refuse this offer. Later, Boyd, Jimmy and Elmont are driving down the road, where Elmont is suspicious and holds his gun. Boyd under the ruse that he has to pee, steps out of the truck and Jimmy strangles Elmont to death with a wire. Afterwards, Boyd calls Rowena and tells her it is done. 

In "Weight", Boyd visits Ava at the prison, informing her that he has a lead on the man responsible for framing her and that once he gets him to recant, Ava will be released. Ava tells Boyd that there is a possibility she may never get out, because there are some things that she has to do, breaking it off with Boyd and telling him that she will always love him before departing. At the bar, Dewey calls Boyd, revealing that he stole the heroin and wants $250,000 so that he can leave Kentucky and in exchange, he will give them the half of the heroin in his possession. Boyd manages to track down Albert Fekus at a bar, where he is seen flirting with Teri. Boyd has Albert held captive, wanting him to recant his statement against Ava. At knifepoint, Albert admits he cut himself and framed Ava because he was in love with her, and he didn't have the power to make her his. Boyd cuts him free and orders him to run off before he changes his mind.

In "The Toll", Boyd and Teri are talking in Johnny's bar, as he pays her for helping him reel in Albert so he could capture him, although Albert refused to recant the statement. Boyd gets a pack of cigarettes from Teri, and asks Jimmy and Carl to hide his heroin where God can't even find it (also asking Jimmy to watch over Ava if he should die) before his meeting with Duffy. At the meeting with Duffy and Picker, he meets Katherine Hale, who informs him that Duffy is looking for a reason he shouldn't kill Boyd over the missing heroin, but they are all arrested by the US Marshals. Once the meeting is resumed, Boyd offers to give Duffy his half of the heroin shipment as compensation for his life. While Katherine and Duffy talk in another room, Boyd pulls out a pack of cigarettes, tapping the side of the pack before throwing it to Picker. The cigarette pack detonates within seconds of Picker catching it, immediately killing him due to the pack containing emulex explosive. Boyd gut punches Mike and takes his gun and points it at Duffy and Katherine, claiming that his offer still stands before leaving out the door. 

In "Starvation", Boyd visits Duffy at his motorcoach, where he learns that Alberto Ruiz and Yoon want his skin for not taking the dead bodies over the border when they were back in Mexico. Duffy exclaims that he lied and said he executed Boyd to buy more time. Raylan, Rachel and Tim then come into the motorcoach, hoping to get their help on bringing down Daryl. Boyd, also speaking on Duffy's behalf, refuses to help them out and also calls BS on Raylan's file on him. At the hotel room, Duffy and Boyd learn that Mike confessed to Daryl that Carl and Jimmy were in possession of the heroin. Boyd decides to make a play to bring down Daryl by having Carl take the drugs to the old barn in Loyal, have Daryl, the Marshals and the cartel go there and fight over who wants Daryl the most. As part of this plan, Boyd goes into the Marshals office, turning himself in. Boyd wants a clean slate in exchange for helping the Marshals catch Daryl, who will be heading to the location to get the heroin. Raylan, initially reluctant on arresting Daryl on drug charges, agrees. When they arrest Wendy instead who was sent by Daryl to get the heroin, knowing the Marshals would follow him, Raylan announces a plan B to a reluctant Boyd: Wear a wire and get Daryl to confess on tape that he shot Art. Boyd only agrees when he sees Alberto eyeing him nearby in a van, now realizing that Boyd is alive. This sting operation is ruined when Dewey goes into Audrey's, holding Daryl and Boyd at gunpoint and taking the duffel bag before he is arrested. At the Marshal's office, Raylan presents Boyd with the file that he didn't believe existed and Boyd remarks of Raylan's involvement in Nick Augustine's murder in front of Rachel and Tim, who say that the case is old news and that an affitdavid was signed, fingering an FBI turncoat as the one in Sammy's pocket. When Boyd leaves the Marshals office, he calls Jimmy and tells him to hide the heroin in the ceiling above his desk and for him and Carl to leave Kentucky, not realizing that Alberto. Manuel and Manolo are holding Jimmy at gunpoint.

In "Restitution", Boyd goes into his office at the bar to find Alberto, Manolo and a bound Jimmy in the back room. He pulls out his gun on Alberto and prepares to shoot him, until Manuel shows up behind him, holding a gun to his head. Manolo fatally shoots Jimmy in the chest, and Alberto reveals that because Boyd lied about there not being any bodies in Mexico, they are now going to kill the men responsible, giving Boyd a given time limit to catch Daryl. Without their knowledge, Boyd edits Raylan's contact in his cell phone to read Daryl's name and pretends to text him to find his whereabouts. While Alberto is out of the room, Boyd attemps to turn Manuel and Manolo against their boss and to join his criminal enterprise. When Alberto returns, Alberto, Manuel and Manolo all laugh at Boyd's failed attempt to manipulate them. Just as Alberto prepares to stab Boyd and kill him, a text comes from "Daryl", wanting to meet at Ava's old house. However, Rachel and Tim show up instead and Alberto realizes that Boyd ratted them out and a shootout ensues between Alberto, Manuel, Manolo, Rachel and Tim. Alberto and Manuel are killed, and Boyd shoots Manolo through the chest when he enters the house. After the shootout, Boyd reveals that he sent the texts because he wanted the Marshals to be the ones that caught Daryl so that Kendal could be freed. While repairing Ava's house, Billy (Ava's lawyer) calls him with good news: Ava has been released from prison as both Albert and Ava's old bunkmate at the Harlan county jail, Sally, recanted their statements against her. Boyd later meets with Duffy and Katherine, saying that he is out of the heroin business. Both Katherine and Duffy imply needing his services, as he is a skilled bank robber. 

Season 6[]

In "Fate's Right Hand", he is seen at the beginning of the episode visiting a bank and having one of his criminal associates distract the bank teller while he sprays a substance on the deposit boxes. Boyd proposes the idea of moving out of Harlan and starting a new life with the money he's going to come across to Ava, but Ava shoots down the idea as Harlan is their home. After Dewey's release from prison, he visits Johnny's bar and begs Boyd for another chance, but Boyd shoots him down, refusing to work with the guy who robbed him at gunpoint (He changes his mind, however, when Cyrus doesn't show up for the robbery after being apprehended by Raylan and Tim). Boyd has Dewey drive into a roadblock with a duffel bag full of laundry while Boyd, Carl, Earl and The Pig go to the bank to commit the robbery. Boyd pulls a ledger and documents out of the box they robbed, claiming to have found the right box although Carl is annoyed that they did not get any money from the robbery. Dewey shows up, infuriated that Boyd set him up but Boyd remarks that he was tasked with a job and did it. Dewey then reminiscences about their white supremacy days and wanting to go back to that. Boyd tells Dewey to look at the promise of a future in the eyes of a photograph of grimy-faced miners from the glory days of Harlan and shoots Dewey in the head as he looks at it. At the end of the episode, he is seen watching Ava sleep as he looks troubled.

In "Cash Game", Boyd is chastised by Katherine chastising Boyd for not finding Calhoun Schreier's money but rather a ledger and documents, and accuses him of stealing the money himself. Boyd angrily tells her and Duffy that he would have ran with the money if he was planning to steal it and she assures him that Calhoun's money is there. Boyd decides to blackmail Calhoun with the blackmail ledger, wanting a substantial amount of cash and to meet later that day, although the meeting is intercepted by Raylan and Boyd leaves. Ava later scolds Boyd for putting the envelope in her shed as she does not want to take the fall for Boyd's criminal activity, ordering him to get the envelope out of her car and leave the property. She visits Boyd at the bar and mentions that one of the documents is not like the other as one place, the pizza parlor, was previously a bank. Boyd kisses her and thanks her for the information, wanting to celebrate with some alcohol.

In "Noblesse Oblige", Ty Walker visits the bar and threatens Boyd to stop stealing from his boss or else there will be consequences, but Boyd rebuffs the threat. Due to Walker seeing the faces of Boyd and his men, Boyd has Ava sent into the pizza parlor on a recon mission as she snaps photos of the bank vault in the basement and they discover that there are five men (three of which sleep on shifts) to guard the vault. Boyd is then abducted by Walker's men Choo-Choo and Seabass, the latter threatening Ava and telling Boyd that the abduction was his second warning and there will not be a third one. Markham talks to Boyd at Ava's house, threatening to kill him if he ever catches him at the parlor as the ledger Boyd stole belonged to him and not Calhoun Schreier as they had originally thought. Boyd calls in for a sitdown with both Duffy and Katherine as he is angered that Katherine didn't tell him that he was robbing Markham's stuff, given his dangerous reputation. Katherine tells him that her and Markham are lovers but that there are other ways she could have set him up if she wanted to. Boyd remarks what Markham would do if he found out that Katherine was robbing him behind his back. Later that night, Boyd talks to Ava as she expresses her fears over their lives being threatened and wants to run away. Boyd remarks that he doesn't know who she is anymore due to how distant she is since her release from prison, and she offers to have sex with Boyd to "remind him". 

In "The Trash and the Snake", Boyd and Duffy go to visit Lewis Mago, a crackpot safecracker who is supposed to help them find a way to break into the bank vault located at The Portal. Duffy, along with Boyd, end up splattered in blood after Mago accidentally blows himself up when he forgets to remove his own cell phone while attempting to detonate the vault door. Later that night, Boyd reveals his endgame to Ava: Remain in Harlan and profit off stealing Markham's idea of legalizing pot and becoming the weed king of Harlan.

In "Sounding", Boyd has Carl go door-to-door threatening home owners at gunpoint to not sell their properties to Markham and discusses a new plan with his men which involves going up under the vault in The Portal by means of an old mine shaft which is located 187 yards from the vault (although it is dangerous). Boyd manages to recruit Ava's uncle Zachariah Randolph after offering him bourbon as a peace offering and even wire transferring money to his bank account (Zachariah has resentment towards the Crowders due to Ava's abuse at the hands of Bowman). Boyd and his men manage to get inside the mine, although they trigger an explosion due to the sparks from a buzz saw. 

In "Alive Day", he comes home and finds Raylan waiting there for him, as Raylan mentions he is looking for Dewey Crowe, who was supposed to meet him for information about Mexico. Boyd mentions how Raylan was supposed to be transfered to Florida but yet is still remaining in Kentucky, wondering if there is something he is having a hard time letting go of while he caresses Ava's leg. Later that day, while clearing the shaft with Zachariah, The Pig, and Carl, Zachariah tells Boyd to hand him an oil can located on planks of wood, causing Boyd to fall through the hole and hang above the chasm below, but he is saved by Zachariah. Boyd departs and after the clearing is done, Boyd comes home and receives a call from Limehouse offering information on Ava, asking if Ava told Boyd about what she was up to yesterday. She smiles at him while eating dinner as he gives her a concerned look. 

In "The Hunt", Boyd takes Ava to Bo's hunting cabin in Bulletville for a get together. While at dinner, Ava expresses her concerns that Boyd will turn into his late brother Bowman once they are married and although he claims to be nothing like his brother, Ava protests that he is still a Crowder. Boyd begs Ava to slap him, which she does twice before he begins to choke her and leads it into them making love. Early the next morning, Boyd takes her out in the woods for hunting, where he tells her to stand still as she shoots a hog that is behind her, scaring her at the gunshot. While sitting by a fire, Boyd reveals that he knows she ran off to see Limehouse and that someone got her away from Errol and it wasn't just Bob Sweeney, and that he comes home to find Raylan present in the kitchen. Ava admits to Boyd that she was Raylan's CI in a case to bring down Boyd and he initially believes her to be having an affair with Raylan, giving her his gun to shoot him in the head if she is but she protests she isn't sleeping with Raylan. Boyd tells her to trust him and that they can give Raylan enough information to make him run circles while they make a play for Markham's cash, which she promises that he can trust her. Unbeknownst to Ava, as Boyd goes off to collect firewood, Boyd places a clip into his gun, revealing that the earlier clip was empty. 

In "Dark as a Dungeon", Boyd questions Zachariah and asks how much he is shaking him down for, believing that he is trying to pull out of the heist because he isn't being paid enough although Zachariah protests that the job is too dangerous and wants an additional $10,000. Boyd comes home to find Walker holding Ava at gunpoint and threatens Walker to lower his gun before they talk in the kitchen. Walker proposes helping Boyd get inside of Markham's vault at The Portal as he knows the combination and that there isn't anyone else skilled enough to change it, but needs Boyd's help as he doesn't know the hills as well as they do. Boyd agrees to help him as circumstances have changed. Walker suggests to call in a tip from Ava's phone that he has been seen across town as a diversion to draw the Marshals away from The Portal, but they are interrupted by Raylan's arrival. Boyd and Raylan have a standoff with threatening to bring the other down before Ava calms the situation down. After Walker has been shot and killed, Raylan takes Boyd to The Portal so that he can collect the $100,000 for collecting Walker. Boyd is suspicious that the whole thing was a trap and that lying comes easily to the both of them. Boyd shows Ava a stack of boxes and estimates that Markham has $10 million inside of the bank vault and asks Ava how much money she will get for helping Raylan in the RICO case and she tells him $50,000 and tells her to take her pick with whichever offer she wants to go with. 

In "Burned", Boyd is now frustrated that Raylan has pieced together where Boyd will be doing the heist from, but assures Ava that they will get the money without the Marshals even knowing. Loretta shows up at the bar after becoming spooked when a hired gun of Markham's named Boon threatens her and cuts a deal with Boyd for protection and distribution so that she can grow weed and go up against Markham. Boyd agrees to the deal and offers her the properties that they blocked Markham from obtaining and advises her to buy them for a reasonable price. Boyd, Carl, Duffy and Zachariah then go through with the heist to rob Markham of his money that night during the party, but Zachariah knocks Boyd over the head and chains him up by his ankle in order to kill him in the explosion so that Ava will finally be free of the Crowders. Boyd tries to no avail to douse the fuse before it ignites but manages to free his chain with Carl's head. An enraged Boyd shows up at the bar, wondering what Ava told Zachariah that would make him attempt to kill Boyd in the mines but she argues that Zachariah is crazy and she didn't tell him anything. 

In "Trust", Limehouse meets with Boyd who wants a clean slate and new identities for him and Ava, offering to give Limehouse $50,000. Limehouse is well aware of the reward money Boyd received from capturing Walker and wants that also, upping the total to $150,000. Limehouse accepts the deal to help Boyd, but only under the condition that Boyd is never to step foot back in Harlan County once he leaves. Boyd, Duffy and Carl plot on a map the exact spot to hit to take the money as Markham is planning to move it to Charlotte (although this is really a ruse set up by the Marshals to capture Boyd and have enough evidence to pin the RICO case on him). Boyd, however, is well aware of the set-up and instead has Carl and Earl go there to retrieve the truck, willing to set up his own henchmen in order to flee with Ava and get his money. Boyd instead takes Katherine hostage and calls Markham, ordering him to meet him at a location with the money and that he will kill Katherine if he doesn't come alone, takes too long or doesn't call back to update. Markham holds up his end and gives Boyd the $10 million as Boyd tells him the truth that the robbery was all Katherine's idea as she blamed Markham for killing her husband. Katherine then turns to ask Markham if he is going to kill her as he stands by the car and contemplates. As Boyd hugs Ava in victory over the robbery, Ava grabs his gun and shoots him the chest, telling Raylan that she gave him what he wanted and that was Boyd bleeding at his feet as she escapes with Boyd's truck and the money, refusing to go back to prison. 

In "Fugitive Number One", Raylan visits Boyd in the hospital to find out where Ava could possibly be going with the money and asks if Boyd is okay with the vengeance Markham and his men will dish out to Ava if they find her before the Marshals do. Boyd tells him that Zachariah is the man that they are looking for as he will likely be helping Ava to escape if the mine explosion didn't kill him. At the hospital, Carl shows up pistol whips the Deputy Stiles accompanying him into unconsciousness and holds the gun at Boyd, demanding to know where the cash is. Boyd figures out that Markham is the one threatening to kill Earl and tells Carl to let him loose and they'll go after Markham together. Boyd, donned in Stiles' uniform, remarks that they will need to create some choas to get out unnoticed and promptly shoots Carl and kills him. Boyd casually flips the cop's hat onto his head and screams out for everyone to evacuate the hospital due to a shooter. As Boyd sits in the police cruiser, he notices a red pickup truck drive by and pursues after it. 

In "Collateral", Boyd pulls over Hagan, the man who he had previously been pursuing and holds him at gunpoint, wanting a ride. Boyd stays over at Hagan's house, who informs Boyd that he is well aware of his notoriety and outlaw status, seeming to be starstruck by the criminal, providing him with a new set of clothing and even giving away his own truck, but Boyd refuses and instead wants Hagan to drive him up to the mountains. After a conversation in which Hagan mentions the name "Hut McKean" and sends Boyd off on a rant, Boyd shoots Hagan in the head and pursues after Ava, who has fled after hearing the gunshot. Later that night, an intense shootout ensues with Raylan and Boyd, as they both don't know what's in their hearts but the shootout is stopped when the two hear Bob's cries for help after being shot, allowing enough time for Boyd to slip away. Zachariah sits in the cabin as he hears Boyd turning the doorknob and shoots it with the shotgun but is shot in the leg by Boyd when he heads outside. Refusing to tell him where Ava is and seizing another opportunity to kill his rival, Zachariah reveals a explosives strapped to his chest and detonates them, killing Zachariah instantly and further hurting Boyd's gunshot wound as it throws him back. 

In "The Promise", Boyd searches through Zachariah's cabin for the money but it is nowhere to be found and he eventually comes across the dead body of Grubes as he keeps digging. Boyd answers Zachariah's phone when Ava calls and he remarks that Zachariah can't come to the phone right now as Ava continues to play along on the other end as she is talking to Zachariah for Markham to hear. Boyd hides in the woods as the Marshals begin searching the cabin and he ends up in a shootout with them as he throws sticks of dynamite. Boyd takes Birch and finds Ava, who is at the Bennett drying shed and exchanges barbs with Markham, who remarks that Boyd made a poor choice for a hostage and promptly shoots and kills Birch, initiating a shootout between Boyd and Markham. Markham is then shot to death by Boyd who proceeds to kill Crosley also. Raylan comes into the shed and finds that Boyd has killed Birch, Crosley and Markham and kicks him over a gun, challening him to a gunfight. Boyd refuses to play along and urges Raylan to do whatever he has to do because if he ever gets out of prison, he is going to kill both Ava and Raylan. Raylan turns him over to the police. Four years later, Boyd is once again a born-again Christian and a prison preacher. Raylan visits him in prison and shows him a death certificate for Ava, who he claims died in a car accident three years ago (in reality, Raylan is helping fake her death in order to protect her and her son). Raylan says that the visit was sentimental, despite everything and the one thing he always comes back to is that he and Boyd dug coal together. 

City Primeval/Season 7[]


Boyd Crowder’s Return - Scene - Justified- City Primeval - FX

In the final moments of "The Question," the finale of the spinoff series, Boyd has been serving his time in Tramble and continues to preach to the other inmates about his past life and shows he has even removed his old Nazi tattoo. He tells the gathered inmates that his health is declining and he is being transferred to another facility. In his cell he says goodbye to his cellmate, leaves the man his Bible and is taken by a male and female guard to a prison transport. While on the way to the new facility, Boyd begins to scream and bang in the back, eventually forcing the transport to pull over. When the male guard opens the back to see why Boyd is misbehaving, the female guard pulls a shotgun on the other guard. She and Boyd share a kiss, revealing Boyd had been faking his health issues and has seduced the female guard. They then leave the guard locked up in Boyd's place. They change their outfits, Boyd now resembling his former self. He asks the female guard where she wants to go and he tells her Mexico. They speed away. While driving down a long winding Kentucky road, Boyd throws his prison uniform out of the window, screams and slaps the side of the car, seemingly a free man. Meanwhile, in Florida, Raylan and his daughter Willa sit together on a boat, her asking him why he retired. Before he can answer, he receives an alert on his phone that a federal inmate has escaped in Kentucky. Ignoring the alert and turning his attention back to Willa to answer her question, his phone rings. It is the Kentucky U.S. Marshals office. The show ends with the phone still ringing.



Gang members

Law enforcement

  • Raylan Givens: Childhood friend, Deputy US Marshal
  • Art Mullen: Chief Deputy US Marshal for Lexington, Kentucky Field Office


Murder Victims


Memorable Quotes[]

  • "Fire in the hole!" - Boyd as he shoots a rocket into a church in the episode "Fire in the Hole".
  • Ava, on seeing Boyd's brused and beaten face, after the fight with the Bennett brothers in prison: "Damn, baby what happened to your face?"   Boyd: " I do not play well with others.."  in the episode, "Cut Ties"
  • "Damn woman, you only shoot people when they're eatin' supper?" - Boyd to Ava Crowder after she points a shotgun at him sitting at the dinner table in "Fire in the Hole".
  • Boyd: "Always remembers your ABCs. Always be cool."
  • ATF Agent: Did she screw all your relatives? Or just you two?
  • Boyd: "Now sir, I know you have an investigation to conduct but if you disrespect Ava one more time, I'm gonna come across this table."
  • Raylan: "Give me one reason why I shouldn't come up there and kick the living s**t out of you?" Boyd: "I'll give you 15 reasons in the mag, and one in the chamber. "
  • My name is Boyd Crowder. You can come after me if you want but it will be the last thing you ever do, I promise you that.
  • "Truth always sounds like lies to a sinner." - Boyd to Johnny Crowder in "The Hammer".
  • "You're talkin' to a man who's sleeping with his dead brother's widow and murderess, so if you're lookin' for someone to cast stones at you in this matter, I think you've picked the wrong sinner." - Boyd to Raylan Givens in "Cut Ties".
  • "Keep that chain long...try and keep him from shittin' the bed." - Boyd to Jimmy as he prepares to chain Robert Quarles to a bed in "Measures".
  • "Now which one of you two assholes is trying to set me up? Salt or pepper?" - Boyd while holding Errol and Dickie  at gunpoint in "Coalition".
  • "Next time I reach out to you I don't care if it's a smiley face you text me back" Boyd Crowder to Colton Rhodes in Kin
  • "Let me get this straight, you brought me in here to ask if I cut up Josiah, when you know I spent all night handcuffed to a tree, freezing my goddamn ass off!" Boyd to Raylan in "Foot Chase"
  • "That's what assholes do Raylan. They get old and die from being assholes." Boyd to Raylan in "Foot Chase"
  • "Sit your white collar ass down!" Boyd to Gerald Johns in "Outlaw".
  • "I am the outlaw, and this is my world, and my world has a high cost of living." Boyd in "Outlaw".
  • "I understand you must have been an unwitting accomplice, cause you ain't stupid enough to think you can rip me off and remain on this side of the goddamn planet!" Boyd to Cyrus Boone in "Good Intentions"
  • "People of Harlan County, rich and poor, will marvel at your debasement and venality. They will spit venom when they speak your name. And they will take your suicide as the last pact of a coward. Now your reputation is ruined, your good word worthless, but death will not be the end of your suffering. For generations your children, and your children's children will have a mark against their name, and that will be your legacy." Boyd to Lee Paxton before killing him in "Shot All to Hell".
  • "For what is to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun!" (Boyd quoting Khalil Gibran to Johnny in "Raw Deal")
  • "I look good wearing a lot of things, but a wire ain't one of them." Boyd to Raylan in "Starvation".
  • "You want me shit my pants, Alberto? 'Cause it seems to me, that'd make your job a hell of a lot more unpleasant. You see, I know real pain. Shit you can't even imagine. Now, you want to put me out of my misery? How 'bout you stop running your goddamn mouth and do whatever it is you got to do." Boyd to Alberto Ruiz in "Restitution"
  • "I'm so hungry, I could eat the ass out of a low-flying duck." Boyd in "Fate's Right Hand"
  • "Woman, how do you see this playing out in your mind? You think he's not gonna put it together that you were in on ripping him off? Avery Markham's not a man to sit still while someone takes what's his, let them go live the good life somewhere on his dime?" Boyd to Katherine Hale in "Noblesse Oblige"
  • "Oh. Uh, ripping you off.. that was her idea from the jump. Payback for you murdering her husband. I just, uh, I just thought you ought to know!" Boyd outing Katherine's revenge scheme to Avery Markham in "Trust"
  • "Let me guess, I killed him, my men killed him, my dope killed him or my daddy killed him? Next thing comes out of your mouth is: How do you sleep at night, Boyd Crowder? Well, do you know how? Cause I know who I am, do you? You're a slave, disenfranchised, don't even know what. You drive your shitty truck to your shitty house, live out your shitty life. You think you're better than me cause you play by the rules? Whose rules? My life is my own...I don't give a shit about what you said. I'm an outlaw." Boyd to Hagan after he asks if he knows Hut McKean in "Collateral"


  • Boyd was originally supposed to die in the series premiere episode, "Fire in the Hole", after being shot by Raylan, just as he did in the short story the pilot was adapted from. Actor Walton Goggins had originally agreed to appear on Justified as a favor to his friend, Timothy Olyphant. However, Boyd had positive reception from the test audience, so he ended up surviving the shooting in the next episode of the first season, "Riverbrook", and became a recurring character during the first season before becoming one of the lead roles for Season 2 onwards.
  • Boyd has the second highest kill count of the series (after Raylan), with 20 being committed during the run of the show.
  • Boyd has the second highest number of episodic appearances behind Raylan Givens, but he has the highest number of appearances out of any villain in Justified.
    • Boyd wasn't absent from an episode since his promotion to the main cast in Season 2 and is one of three main characters (along with Ava and Raylan) to appear in every episode of a season.
  • Boyd, Ava and Raylan are the only characters that have appeared in every season premiere and finale, save that of the spinoff series Justified: City Primeval. Raylan and Boyd appear in the finale, "The Question," but only Raylan appears in the premiere, "City Primeval."


Season one appearances
Fire in the Hole Riverbrook Fixer Long in the Tooth The Lord of War and Thunder
The Collection Blind Spot Blowback Hatless The Hammer
Veterans Fathers and Sons Bulletville
Season two appearances
The Moonshine War The Life Inside The I of the Storm For Blood or Money Cottonmouth
Blaze of Glory Save My Love The Spoil Brother's Keeper Debts and Accounts
Full Commitment Reckoning Bloody Harlan
Season three appearances
The Gunfighter Cut Ties Harlan Roulette The Devil You Know Thick as Mud
When the Guns Come Out The Man Behind The Curtain Watching the Detectives Loose Ends Guy Walks Into a Bar
Measures Coalition Slaughterhouse
Season four appearances
Hole in the Wall Where's Waldo? Truth and Consequences This Bird Has Flown Kin
Foot Chase Money Trap Outlaw The Hatchet Tour Get Drew
Decoy Peace of Mind Ghosts
Season five appearances
A Murder of Crowes The Kids Aren't All Right Good Intentions Over the Mountain Shot All to Hell
Kill the Messenger Raw Deal Whistle Past the Graveyard Wrong Roads Weight
The Toll Starvation Restitution
Season six appearances
Fate's Right Hand Cash Game Noblesse Oblige The Trash and the Snake Sounding
Alive Day The Hunt Dark as a Dungeon Burned Trust
Fugitive Number One Collateral The Promise
Season seven appearances
City Primeval The Oklahoma Wildman Backstabbers Kokomo
You Good? Adios The Smoking Gun The Question

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