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Buck Mulligan, played by co-star Doug Sinclair, is a supporting character in the FX series Justified third season episode "Harlan Roulette". Mulligan is the owner of a bar in Harlan County. The Crowder family once owned the bar and Boyd Crowder extorts Mulligan to sign the deed back to him.



Mulligan is the owner of a bar in Harlan County. He bought the bar from Johnny Crowder when Johnny was recovering from being shot.

Season 3Edit

Mulligan is worried when Boyd Crowder, Arlo Givens and Devil visit his bar. Boyd says that they will need to dig deep to make the bar respectable again and tears down a string of fairy lights. Mulligan brandishes a baseball bat and asks what Boyd is doing. Devil aims a handgun at Mulligan and says that he has brought a bat to a gunfight. Boyd asks if Mulligan knows who he is and then tells him his name. He says that Mulligan bought the bar from Johnny Crowder, taking advantage of the situation while Johnny was recovering from his injuries. He offers Mulligan two options; A. give up the bar or B. end up in hospital like Johnny. Mulligan says he will take option C. Two of the customers draw guns of their own and aim at Devil and Boyd. One of them, Shitkicker, tells Devil to drop his weapon. Mulligan asks if Boyd has met his friends and Boyd counters by asking if Mulligan has met his. The two remaining customers draw guns of their own and aim at Mulligan’s men. Johnny enters and Boyd calls out to him that he has recruited a couple of keepers. Johnny tells Mulligan’s men that Jimmy is a problem because you are never sure what he will do but that he knows what Rip will do to them if they don’t get out. Boyd tells Mulligan that he can take the contents of the cash register as severance. He tells Mulligan to make the deed out to him.


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