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Coover Bennett
Coover Bennett
Harlan, Kentucky
Early 30s
Cause of Death
Fell down a mine shaft after being shot by Raylan Givens
Bennett family

Coover Bennett was a recurring character and one of the main antagonists in the second season of the FX series Justified. Coover is the younger brother of Doyle Bennett and Dickie Bennett and the youngest son of Mags Bennett. Coover is described as a genius in cultivating marijuana and is considered to be very capable in a brawl considering his size and strength. Coover frequently would smoke his family's products, more often than Dickie and Doyle would. He was shown to be a huge fan of the heavy metal band Accept, frequently wearing his favorite Accept t-shirt. Coover was killed in the episode Brother's Keeper when during a fight with Raylan Givens, Coover gets distracted by Loretta coming in the mine with a gun. Raylan takes advantage of the distraction, shooting Coover who ends up falling to his death down a mineshaft. Coover was portrayed by guest star Brad William Henke.


Easily the least intelligent and most short-tempered of his brothers, Coover is seen as a disappointment in the family. He strives to obtain his mother's affection and approval and constantly fails, usually by collaborating with his brother, Dickie, on harebrained schemes that do more harm than good. Like his brothers, he is unintimidated by Raylan Givens, even getting into a brawl with him during "The Spoil".

Later, when Loretta is unofficially adopted by Mags, Coover becomes jealous from the attention showered upon Loretta from his mother.

He tries to kill Loretta after she reveals her knowledge of Coover's involvement in murdering Loretta's father. Raylan Givens saves Loretta from Coover, shooting him causing him to fall into a mineshaft.

Coover died from the fall.

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