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Deputy Stiles
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Police Officer

Deputy Stiles is a recurring character in the sixth season of the FX series Justified. Stiles is a dirty cop working on Avery Markham's payroll. He is portrayed by guest star Chad Todhunter

Biography[edit | edit source]

Season 6[edit | edit source]

In "Fugitive Number One", he accompanies Carl to the hospital so that he can find out where Markham's money is from Boyd Crowder and execute him afterwards. However, Carl punches him and pistol whips him twice into unconsciousness.

In "The Promise", Raylan Givens and Art Mullen locate him at a bar in order to find out where Markham has Ava Crowder captured, which Stiles divulges when Raylan takes advantage to Stiles' sensitivity to sound following the assault by slamming a baseball bat onto the bar counter several times. 

Relationships[edit | edit source]

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season six appearances
Fate's Right Hand Cash Game Noblesse Oblige The Trash and the Snake Sounding
Alive Day The Hunt Dark as a Dungeon Burned Trust
Fugitive Number One Collateral The Promise
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