Fletcher Nix
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Fletcher Nix
Lexington, Kentucky
July 19th, 1978
Cause of Death
Dixie Mafia
Fletcher Nix, played by guest star Desmond Harrington, is a federal fugitive, thief and murderer who works as an enforcer for the Dixie Mafia. He appears in the third season episode "The Gunfighter".



Nix is wanted on a federal warrant. He has worked for Wynn Duffy's Security Systems as an installer in the past.

Season 3Edit

The GunfighterEdit

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Nix is present for the meeting between Emmitt Arnett and Detroit Mafia lieutenant Robert Quarles. He sits behind Quarles, and when Quarles asks who he is, Arnett tells Quarles that he is a real estate broker. Quarles asks Nix to move into his eyeline. Instead Nix obstinately moves directly behind him. After Quarles demands repayment of a loan the organization made to Arnett, he leaves. Once Quarles is gone, Arnett asks Nix if he wants a job.

Nix kidnaps a pizza delivery man named Eddie and uses him as a decoy to gain entry to the home of Delmar Coates. Nix targets Coates because of his reputation for defending his watch store from thieves, shooting several of them. Nix forces Coates to open his personal safe and steals his watch collection. He then challenges Coates to a game; he puts his gun between them and after a count of ten, whoever gets the gun first wins. When the count is up, Nix stabs Coates in the hand with an ice pick, then picks up the gun and shoots him. He kills Eddie on his way out.

Nix returns to Arnett's offices but is spooked when he gets in the lift with US Marshall Raylan Givens and leaves the building. He later tracks Raylan to his motel and holds Raylan and Winona at gunpoint when they get home. He attempts to stage his game again but is defeated when Raylan pulls the gun towards himself using the tablecloth. Raylan shoots Nix in the right shoulder.


Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "I win" ("The Gunfighter")
  • "Are you gonna eat that pizza?" ("The Gunfighter")


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