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Frank Choate
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Frank Choate
Harlan, Kentucky
Cause of Death
Kentucky State Police

Frank Choate is a guest character in the FX series Justified first season episode, "Veterans". Choate is the captain of the Kentucky State Police who leads a force of police officers into Boyd Crowder's camp to take the "flock" members into custody. Choate then helps the Marshals interrogate the other "flock" members, as well as Boyd to figure out what exactly happened the night of the meth lab explosion Boyd committed in the previous episode, "The Hammer". Choate is portrayed by guest star Kevin E. West.



Choate is the captain of the Kentucky State Police who helps the US Marshals during their raid of Boyd's camp, as well as their interrogation of Boyd and the other various "flock" members.

Season 1[]

Choate leads his men to Boyd's camp in order to raid the camp and take the "flock" members into custody. Art Mullen also led the US Marshals in the same raid. Art and Choate attempt to get a member of Boyd's "flock" named Luther Perry to testify against Boyd, but Perry refuses and recites the Bible verse that is used as a code of silence instead. Choate then helps to interrogate Boyd, throwing the money they found at his campsite that was stolen from the meth lab he blew up at him, asking Boyd if he knows where it came from. Choate asks Boyd if he knows anything about Gil, saying that he might have been a screw up but maybe he was trying to turn his life around and do some good, and did not deserve to die the way he did. Choate then suggests tracking down Mickey and Puller, but Raylan suggests Boyd may have already killed them. Choate then suggests going to Boyd through Bo, but says they don't know the extent of Bo's old enterprises, which Raylan says he can help with. Choate later calls Tim, Raylan, and Art after he locates the bodies of Mickey and Puller.


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