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Luther Perry
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Luther Perry is a guest character in the FX series Justified first season episode, "Veterans". Perry is a member of Boyd Crowder's "flock", who is also a parole violator. Perry is first seen being snuck up on and captured by Raylan Givens after he wakes up from a nap he took on watch duty. Perry is taken into custody, and is interrogated by Raylan, Art Mullen, and Frank Choate. Frank informs him that he's going back to prison, but Frank also tells him that right now he needs friends, someone to go to the AUSA and the judge and tell them that he made a case if he testifies against Boyd. Refusing to rat out his leader, Perry glares at Raylan, reciting the Bible verse used as a code for silence instead. After this he is sent back to prison to serve the rest of his four year prison term which could have turned into ten depending.

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Season one appearances
Fire in the Hole Riverbrook Fixer Long in the Tooth The Lord of War and Thunder
The Collection Blind Spot Blowback Hatless The Hammer
Veterans Fathers and Sons Bulletville
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