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Mike Jackson
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Mike Jackson
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Hardware store manager

Mike Jackson is a recurring character in the FX series Justified. Mike is the manager of a hardware store in Harlan. He is portrayed by co-star Howard S. Miller.



Mike is the manager of a hardware store in Harlan.

Season 1[]

In "Blind Spot", Mike appears in the hardware store when Johnny Crowder comes in wanting to purchase various items to ominously send a message to Ava Crowder (who is also present in the store).

Season 4[]

In "Hole in the Wall", Raylan Givens visits his store to purchase items when Roz comes in. Roz flashes Raylan as a part of a distraction to help her accomplice, Benny, steal Raylan's car. Roz also flashes Mike on her way out when he tries to stop her from leaving. 

Season 5[]

In "Kill the Messenger", Mike tells Raylan that he sold his house to Wendy Crowe, believing that she and Kendal Crowe were homeless, in exchange for a hunting cabin he also owned. Raylan forces Mike to revoke his deal in front of Daryl Crowe Jr.

Season 6[]

In "Sounding", he is present at the hardware store when Errol Butler and Ava Crowder come in. 


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