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Mr. Duke
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Mr. Duke
Unknown (Deceased)
Cause of Death
Shot three times in the chest by Hunter Mosley

Mr. Duke's corpse.

Mr. Duke was a guest character in the FX series Justified first season episode, "Blind Spot". He was a hitman working for Gio Reyes who is sent down to Harlan to kill Raylan Givens himself in revenge for the death of Tommy Bucks. He was portrayed by guest star Ray McKinnon.



Not much was known about his background except that he is stationed in Texas and is called when he is needed. He is contacted by Gio to kill Raylan and video tape it so he can watch Raylan suffer. To do this he recruits Sheriff Hunter Mosley, who is under the Miami drug cartel's thumb, to find a spotter for Duke and Hunter gives him Red

Season 1[]

In "Blind Spot", he first arrives at the home of Ava Crowder, where Raylan is staying and prepares to kill him. Unfortunately for him Red gets overly eager and tries to kill them himself and is shot in the process. Mr. Duke takes him to Hunter's house where Red recuperates and Mr. Duke waits outside the police station. Mr. Duke returns and tells Red about being a hitman and the rules and then chastises Red for breaking them by going to the target instead of letting the target come to you. Hunter arrives and they all talk about what they are going to do about Raylan with Hunter suggesting long-range where Mr. Duke refuses specifying that he has specific instructions from Miami. Hunter then guns him down and Hunter reveals he had clearance to tie out any loose ends. But Mr. Duke is alive and tries to kill Hunter in revenge but fails after Hunter shoots him twice more and he is killed.


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