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Harlan, Kentucky
Cause of Death
Shot in the back of the head by Hestler Jones
Meth cooker

Puller was a supporting character in the FX series Justified Season 1 episodes "The Hammer" and "Veterans". Puller was a meth cooker who worked along with Gil, Mickey, and formerly Bobby Joe Packer. Puller, Gil, and Mickey's meth lab is blown up by Boyd Crowder in "The Hammer". Puller is shot and killed by Hestler while Bo Crowder looks on, allowing Bo to take over the meth business. Puller was portrayed by co-star Josh Wingate.



Puller is a meth cooker who works with Gil and Mickey. They formerly worked with Bobby Joe Packer, who is now a member of Boyd Crowder's "flock" of born again Christians.

Season 1[]

Puller first appears in the episode "The Hammer". Puller is in the middle of cooking meth when Boyd Crowder arrives; he emerges from the trailer wearing a gas mask. Boyd refers to him as "Mask Man". Boyd attempts to force the group to stop making meth, saying that it is a modern day plague like locusts. Boyd's "flock" comes out with guns and Mickey asks if Bobby Joe is behind this. Boyd attempts to get Puller, Mickey, and Gil to convert, and then threatens to blow up their meth lab if they don't stop cooking. Later on, Puller and Mickey are forced out of the trailer at gunpoint by Boyd's "flock" and Boyd throws a Moltov Cocktail into the trailer causing it to explode. Gil is killed in the explosion.

Puller's final appearance is in the next episode "Veterans". Puller and Mickey turn to Bo Crowder for protection, apologizing for not accepting it before. Bo forgives them and offers them protection at a rate of $10,000, and says he will have them up and running again in no time. Puller, Mickey, Johnny, and Hestler are seen driving together later. Johnny and Hestler tell them that Bo will give them everything they need (a new trailer, more meth, etc.) Bo soon comes out in the middle of the road and flags the car down. Puller is shot and killed by Hestler, while Mickey is killed by Johnny. Bo wanted to take over the Meth business himself, and killed the two to eliminate competition. The local police call US Marshals Raylan Givens, Tim Gutterson, and Art Mullen to tell them that they located the bodies of Mickey and Puller. Raylan assumes Boyd was responsible.



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