Sammy's Goon
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Sammy's Goon
Detroit, Michigan
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Sammy's Goon is an unnamed supporting character in the FX series Justified Season 3 episodes "The Man Behind The Curtain" and "Watching the Detectives". He is a henchman of Sammy Tonin, and is present with him at the race track when he is checking out horses. Sammy asks if he should get two horses, but he warns Sammy that it's twice the horse feces but says it is his call. Sammy is also present whenever Robert Quarles runs into Sammy before Quarles leaves for Tulsa. Sammy's Goon is portrayed by co-star David Atkinson.

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season three appearances
The Gunfighter Cut Ties Harlan Roulette The Devil You Know Thick as Mud
When the Guns Come Out The Man Behind The Curtain Watching the Detectives Loose Ends Guy Walks Into a Bar
Measures Coalition Slaughterhouse
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