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Teri is a recurring character in FX series Justified. Teri is a former working girl at Audrey's, and the former lover of Johnny Crowder. Teri is portrayed by co-star Cathy Baron.



Not much is known about Teri's background.

Season 4Edit

In "Kin", she is briefly seen kissing Johnny.

In "Foot Chase", Teri comes into her room at Audrey's to find that Colton Rhodes is trashing it looking for drugs. Colton then smacks her, believing that she is hiding Ellen May and accuses her of lying. Colton then threatens to cut out her tongue if she confesses that he hit her. When Johnny notices her black eye, Teri lies and tells him that Max, one of her regulars, was responsible.

In "Money Trap", Johnny lays in the bed with Teri, and learns that Colt was the one responsible for hitting her and not Max, that Colt came into her room, tweaked out and questioned Ellen May's whereabouts before slapping her around. She mentions that Colt threatened to cut her tongue out if she told on him.

In "The Hatchet Tour", Teri informs Johnny of the conversation between Ava Crowder and Cassie St. Cyr regarding Ellen May.

In "Get Drew", Johnny questions her about the possible places where Ellen May could be hiding. Teri, however, grows increasingly more frustrated with constantly having to hear Ellen May's name.

Season 5Edit

In "The Kids Aren't All Right", Cyrus Boone visits her and informs her about the upcoming shipment.

In "Good Intentions", Teri is abducted by Carl, who tracked her down to one of three possible locations under orders from Boyd and she is inside of a large box. Boyd asks her where "he" is and she says that she doesn't know, just that he wanted her to find out when the next shipment was and then call him. 

In "Weight", Teri is seen at a bar, flirting with Albert Fekus, and they leave together to have sex, not noticing Boyd is watching from afar. 

In "The Toll", Teri is at Johnny's bar, where she claims she was always loyal to Boyd, and he pays her for helping him capture Albert. Teri also gives Boyd the pack of cigarettes that he plants the emulex explosive inside of to kill Ethan Picker


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