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Walter Vondas
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WitSec, Boston organized crime
Walter Vondas, played by guest star Frank John Hughes, is a character in the FX series Justified third season episode "Cut Ties". He is a witness in the Marshal Witness Protection Program who decided to get back into the fold by killing his handler and selling the location of another witness.



He is a member of the Witness Security program and an ex-hitman for organized crime figure 'Big Joe' Delahunt. He testified that Big Joe ordered the murders that he committed as part of a plea bargain to avoid prison time. He has lived under the name Terry Powe since.

Season 3Edit

He decides that he wants to return to his former life and contacts 'Little Joe' Delahunt who informs him that it will cost $2,000,000. He then follows his WitSec handler Bill Nichols to get the locations of other people in the program. He is caught by Nichols, so he shoots, kidnaps, tortures and ultimately murders Nichols. He finds out the identity of Mary Archer as a witness against Carlos Salazar. He sells Archer's location to Salazar to raise the funds to pay Little Joe. His plan is foiled when Nichols body is discovered. He is detained by Art Mullen until his overture is confirmed by 'Little Joe'. Mullen then interrogates Vondas until he reveals what he did to get the money and Archer is ultimately saved from the assassins Salazar sent to kill her.


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