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Cause of Death
Shot in the head by Robert Quarles
Dixie Mafia
Yvette, played by co-star Jennifer Birmingham, was a secretary for Dixie Mafia shot caller Emmitt Arnett.



Yvette was the secretary to Dixie Mafia shot caller Emmitt Arnett. Arnett is a real estate developer as well as an organized crime figure and Yvette works at his offices.

Season 2Edit

In "For Blood or Money", Yvette has a brief appearance whenever Raylan Givens goes to visit Arnett at his office. However, Yvette's role in this episode is a lot smaller and shorter than her Season 3 appearance.

Season 3Edit

In "The Gunfighter", Yvette makes coffee as Arnett meets with Robert Quarles and Fletcher Nix. She offers Quarles a shot of whiskey in his drink, telling him that Arnett usually has one. Arnett then dismisses her.

Yvette dresses after a sexual encounter with Arnett in a hotel room. She listens in as Arnett takes a call from Wynn Duffy complaining about being questioned by US Marshals about Nix. She later relays this information to Quarles, whom she is also sleeping with.

Quarles takes her back to the office so that she can meet with US Marshal Raylan Givens to tell him about Nix's planned hand-off to Arnett so that Arnett can pay Quarles back for a loan. Arnett's bodyguard is arrested at the handoff but Nix escapes by using a proxy.

Quarles meets with Arnett and kills him while his subordinate Wynn Duffy watches. Yvette asks Quarles is he is done and he shoots her too and leaves Duffy to clean up the bodies.


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